Handle with Care, my second  book of poems, has been published! I self published the book through CreateSpace independent publishing. For those of you who don’t know what  CreateSpace is, it’s an Amazon company that allows authors to self publish their books. From there, the published books become available for purchase on Amazon’s website in the books department. Handle with Care is the second book I’ve self published with CreateSpace, I am pleased with the print quality of my books. Handle with Care focuses on the fragile hearts, minds and spirits of people. I am incredibly proud of the poetry featured in this book. I can confidently say that this book features some of my best poetry.

Here is a poem featured in Handle with Care:


I’m in a cage

Surrounded by darkness.

I hear the cries of

The demons as they

Prepare for their feast.


They wish to eat me alive

And stuff their aching stomachs

With my meaty limbs.


They can see me

But I cannot see them.

A bit of a disadvantage

If you ask me.


Though the odds are against me

And I shall die quickly,

I will STILL fight

With all of my might.



Handle with Care Purchase link